Building Design & Interior Design Templestowe Lower

Arki Design Studio specializes in high-end developments. We undertake design projects for homes, townhouses, apartments, retail spaces and commercial developments of different sizes.

Our team consists of architectural designers and interior designers who work together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We are committed to understanding your vision and needs to develop tailored designs that meet them precisely.

Our goal – not just to provide you with beautifully designed spaces but also to ensure your life will be enriched by our service – from start to finish!

Building Designer Templestowe Lower

Arki Design Studio creates bespoke, personalized building designs. We want you to feel at home in every space we design. Locals love our building design and interior design projects in Templestowe Lower. See our portfolio!

Our head building designer, Peter, brings a unique and experienced perspective to all our clients’ projects. Responsible for architectural and building design aspects, Peter ensures that clients love the outcome!

Interior Designer Templestowe Lower

We have created an interior design experience unlike any other in the industry by providing personalized service from start to finish. No two projects are alike! Concept planning, material selection, finishes and fixtures, Arki Design Studio takes care of everything!

Seline is a talented interior designer with a flair for creating precisely the look you want at a price point within your budget. Employing a multi-faceted approach, she harmoniously combines light, space, and practical functionality to bring your vision to life!

Why Choose Arki Design?

When you engage Arki Design Studio, you get:

  • Sophisticated design with an emphasis on natural light, spacial psychology, and detail
  • Award-winning designers that deliver world-class projects
  • High-end design for homes, townhouses, apartments, commercial projects and retail spaces
  • Orientation of natural light and spatial psychology to achieve the best outcomes
  • Highly detailed project management
  • Building design and interior design that integrates materials with space to create a natural connection
  • Lifestyle oriented style achieved within your budget

Contact Arki Design Studio today about your building design or interior design project!

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